Hi Class 4 I hope you like our new class blog. We are off to a busy start with our new theme “Our Place” What do you know about the history of Brandesburton?

What would you like to find out about Living Things?

A whole new term!

6 thoughts on “A whole new term!

  • I have really enjoyed this term so far. I would quite like to know what food most animals/mini beasts survive on. My favourite part so far has to been making the animals/mini beasts. I made a fox!

  • I know that Cornel Alisdair went to Africa to bring the pygmies back to England to live with him.My grandma has some diaries from the pygmies and Cornel Alisdair that Iam going to bring in!

  • Yes I love the new school blog it is AMAZING.It is very different to the old one.I am so excited to find out about our new theme topic “OUR PLACE”

  • I really LIKE our new blog it is very different to the other blog. I can not wait till we learn about our place and living things and their habitats.

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