We have been doing observational paintings of violas. Everyone did a wonderful job of watercolour painting and colour mixing for giant flowers. We hope you like our brilliant display  

Spring has sprung

6 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  • I really enjoyed painting our flowers and I liked the way that all the different colours shaded in it was really cool and I also liked painting the little flowers with the stem aswell. I would love to do that again it was so fun thank you Mrs Hunt .

  • I really enjoyed making the flowers! The water colours required carefulness and a steady hand were as the painting you could be as creative and messy as you like. I enjoyed making both of the crafts because they were both unique in there own way.

  • Me to Hattie I liked both of them to they were so so so fun to do because they were both unique.I really liked panting the violas!It was very fun you had to be very careful with the water paints but with the paints you could be all over the place,I really liked doing it it was so creative, I would
    love to do more things like this.Thank you Mrs Hunt.

  • I found the two paintings very different.First I did the big flowers and then the small ones.It went from splatting the paint on to being verry careful . Thank you!

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