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Children, I have been pondering the following question;

How do I place the following numbers in descending order? 

1.9   0.96  1.253 0.328


Step 1: Place the numbers in descending order.

Step 2: Explain how I would do this.

Remember to use mathematical language e.g. tenths, hundredths, thousandths. 

Maths Reasoning

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  • 1.9,1.253,0.96 and 0.328. you would put them in this order because :

    1.9 is the biggest out of 1.9 and 1.253 as the 9 tenths is bigger than 2 tenths. 1.253 is bigger than 0.96 because it has more ones. 0.96 is bigger than 0.328 because the 9 tenths is bigger than 3 vtenths.

  • Decimal numbers in descending order:

    the order it would go in would be:

    1) 1.9
    2) 1.253
    3) 0.96
    4) 0.328

    I think this because i looked at the first column (the ones) and i saw that 1 one is bigger than no ones. so, I looked at the two decimals, 1.253 and 1.9. straight away, i saw that 9 tenths are bigger than 2 tenths so I gathered that it was the largest number. I looked at the ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths until i worked it out eventually.

    Tiana Jones 🙂

  • 1.9, 1.253, 0.96, 1.253.

    I looked at all the numbers and looked at the first number before the decimal and I knew that 1 is bigger than 0 so l put all the ones in order.After I did that I worked out the order of the decimals starting with 0.

    Thank you Mr Mallison for teaching us this in class

  • The list would go like this ,

    The list would go like this because if you look at the ones column you can see 1 is bigger than 0 then you look at the hundreds column, 0.1000, 0.100000, .

  • Sorry I forgot about explaining.
    I think it would be in the ones column,tenths column, hundredths column and thousandths column. I did this like we did it at school.In maths for a starter for the lesson .I remembered all the ways through it and I think I succeeded:)

  • Well first find the smallest one and the smallest one is 1.9,then find the next smallest one and that is 1.253 ,the next one is 0.96,the last one is0.328.

  • Hi Mr Mallison,
    Descending Order: 1.9, 1.253, 0.96, 0.328.
    I think all these numbers would be probably in the ones column, the tenths column, the hundredths column and the thousandths column. I think this because 1.9 is bigger than 1.253 because 9 tenths is bigger than 2 tenths, also 1.253 is bigger than 0.96 because it has more ones. Finally 0.96 is bigger than 0.328 because 9 tenths is bigger than 3 tenths.

  • You look at tenths hundredths and thousenths so it would be like this:

    1.9 1.253 0.96 0.328
    All you have to do is look at the ones so 1one is bigger than 0 so they would come first.Then you can see that 9 is bigger than 3 so 0.96 would be next and 0.328 would come last.😄

  • Thank you to all of the children that have had a go at this task; the answers are:





    The reason for this is that both 1.9 and 1.235 share 1s but 9 tenths is larger than 2 tenths. 0.96 is smaller than both of these numbers because it doesn’t have a 1 but it is larger than 0.328 because 9 tenths is bigger than 3 tenths.

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