1. Select the correct word to complete the following sentence:

when, or, because, if

         Tomorrow, we could go for a walk ___________ play games indoors.


2.  What type of word is underlined in the sentence below?

            Poppy held the baby rabbit gently in her arms.


3. Identify all of the words in the sentences below that should start with a capital letter.

        henry  tudor  married  his  first  wife,  catherine,  in  june

         1509.  they  married  in  london

         Explain why they need capital letters. 

GPS Challenge

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  • 1.
    The missing word is: OR

    The word gently is an adverb

    Henry Tudor married his first wife, Catherine, in June 1509. They married in London.
    They all need capital letters because they are ether a name, a place or a month

  • Hi Mr Mallison,
    The missing word out of the 4 choices is or, the sentence in the correct way should look like this:
    Tomorrow, we could go for a walk or play games indoors.
    2. The type of word in this sentence: Poppy held the baby rabbit gently in her arms is an adverb.

  • Hi Mr Mallison,
    Capital Letter Words: Henry, Tudor, Catherine, June, London.
    All of these words need capital letters if they’re a name, a place and a thing. They need them because names are the names of people, things are things that people use or describe like a month and a place needs capital letters because it is a place where people live and maybe visit.

  • Hi Mr Mallison ,
    1) The missing word out of the sentence is or it should be shown like this,
    Tomorrow,we could go for a walk or play games indoors.
    2) The word gently is an adverb.
    3) The words ; Henry,Tudor , Catherine, June, London.
    These words need capital letters because they’re all proper nouns.

    P.S I can’t wait to see you all at school tomorrow.😀☺🙂🤗

  • 1.or
    2. Gently is an adverb.
    3.Henry Tudor, Catherine, June, They and London all need capitals because they are names places or they come at the start of a sentence.

  • Thank you to all of the children that have attempted this challenge; the answers are as follows:
    1) Or
    2) Adverb
    3) Henry, Tudor, Catherine and June. All of these words are proper nouns, therefore they require a capital letter.

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