5 thoughts on “Maths Challenge

  • Hi Mr Mallinson,

    I think the answer for the first question is 200.people don’t walk to school.

    I think the answer is for the second question is 50 more children walk.

    P.S I loved the maths last week !😀😋🙂

  • Hi Mr Mallinson ,

    1) I think the answer to question 1 is 200 because of 110 + 90= 200 I explained as well to make sure I did not copy Gracie and Holly.

    2) The answer to question 2 is 50 because 120 – 70 = 50 I did it like this so I would not copy Gracie and Holly again.

  • 1. 200 children don’t walk to school.

    2.In year 6 50 more children walk to school than the children in year 2.

    See you at school tomorrow.

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