Good Morning Class 4!

Today I will be posting a number of activities for you to complete, the first task is to take part in the Joe Wicks PE session which will be live at 9:00 on his youtube channel, The Body Coach TV. If you cannot tune in at 9:00 it will be available for playback.

I’m going to get my PE kit on so check back soon for a video upload of me taking part.

If you’re wanting another task to do in the mean time, check out Pobble 365 for a writing opportunity.


Monday 23rd March

11 thoughts on “Monday 23rd March

  • Unfortunately, I am having major IT issues and will not be able to upload the video of me taking part right now 🙁

    But on a brighter note I really enjoyed taking part, it really got the blood pumping. Glad to see that the three of you took part as-well! I really want a shout out tomorrow, I’m actually looking forward to doing it tomorrow.

    Can’t wait to see your planet Emily!
    Did your nan enjoy the workout Oliver?
    Excellent work Charlotte!

  • Hi mr Malinson Hope you had a lovely birthday I was wondering if you would be able to put the video of you doing joe wicks on the school blog I’m going to be doing joe wickses PE tomorrow

    1. Good Morning Daisy!

      I had a lovely birthday thank-you!

      Unfortunately I couldn’t get the video to load up yesterday I’m afraid. I have just finished the today’s workout did you enjoy it? Are you doing it with your sister?

      Take care

        1. Ha ha ha!

          I will endeavor to put photographic evidence of me taking part on Thursday morning. Tomorrow I will be working at school.

    1. Good Morning Mr Buchan,

      I hope you’re looking after yourself!

      Just finished my Joe Wicks workout with my step-daughters and looking forward to working out with the children at school tomorrow.

      Take care

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