Just to keep you all updated at the present moment I am unable to access the Purple Mash website, I feel this may be due to the sheer number of people trying to access the website. I am also experiencing similar problems with the TTRockStars website.

I will endeavor to access the websites through out the day and update as to when I can provide you more details as to tasks for the children to complete.

Purple Mash Uploads

5 thoughts on “Purple Mash Uploads

  • I am slowly being able to set tasks. Please bear with me and I will have a number of different activities available for you. In the mean time please check out the home-learning sheet that I sent last week, you could make a start on the Unknown Planet activity.

  • Hi Mr M
    Chloe hasn’t been able to get on Purple Mash this morning (just keeps saying there is an error). She is doing Pobble instead at the moment and will try Purple Mash again later!

    1. Good Morning,

      I’ve had a few messages about Purple Mash not working first thing in a morning, I think it may be due to the number of people trying to log on. Some children were able to get on in the afternoon.

      Fingers crossed that it will work today.

      Take care

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