Yesterday, Dougal decided to play board games with Eadie and Martha. I’m not sure he fully understood the rules. He just kept choosing a piece to steal and ran away with it. Check out the photos in the PDF. Feel free to send me images of you enjoying board games (check with an adult at home first). I will post images on the blog.

Over the past few days I have been struggling to get onto Purple Mash and TT Rockstars; therefore I have been working on a learning grid, which details a range of activities that can be completed that link to the things that we have been learning about at school. Some of the tasks will require the children to log onto Purple Mash, however there are many more tasks that do not involve logging on to Purple Mash, to ease the burden.

Do not feel like you have to complete every single task.

The learning grid is not the complete article,covering every subject, but I will endeavor to get a completed article out to you in due course.

Feel free to send me images of your work and I will share them on the blog (remember to check with an adult at home before sending)

Home Learning Day 3

5 thoughts on “Home Learning Day 3

  • Hello Mr Mallison
    I have been doing the Joe Wickes PE sessions each morning. I have also practised some spellings and TT Rockstars at my nans house.
    I will email my looking through my window later today.
    Oliver B

    1. Good to hear that you’ve being doing the Joe Wicks PE sessions, I’m really enjoying them, although my legs are really aching.

      Thanks for completing your work!

      Take care of yourself!

      Say hello to Chloe!

      Mr M

  • Sorry but we are really struggling with this home schooling due to suffering the symptoms of the corona virus. Please bear with us hopefully we will be back on track soon. Alfie C and grandparents.

    1. Hello Alfie and Grandparents!

      Don’t worry about the home schooling at the moment, you focus on your health and getting yourselves back on your feet.

      Take care!

      Mr M

  • hahaha i’m normally the clumsy one knocking the board games over! Then the pieces fly everywhere then Alife (my dog) comes and sniffs them and tyres to run away with them.

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