Good Morning Class 4, I hope you are all well today and had a fantastic day yesterday. It was lovely being back in school yesterday seeing some many familiar faces. Hopefully it the not too distance future I will be seeing more of you!

Please see today’s English and Maths activities:

Yesterday, whilst working with some of the children for Class 5 I saw on Mr Barnes’s blog that he had included a fantastic Geography task, therefore I am unashamedly stealing it for your theme task for today as I enjoyed doing it yesterday:

GEOGRAPHY – A little challenge for you class 5. Can you pick 10 countries and find out their most iconic “national food”. You might then present it by labelling it with string on a world map. You might draw the countries flag and the dish and write why it is it’s favourite dish.
I will leave the creative ways up to you

Home-Learning Activities 4.6.20

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