Good Morning Class 4! I hope you are all well this morning. I am very much looking forward to today’s activities and can’t wait to see your responses.

Today we will be:

Summary of Today’s Tasks

  1. Guided Reading.
  2. GPS
  3. Maths
  4. Art
  5. Music

Guided Reading

Once again I have recorded myself reading the book, chapter 12 this time. Please watch the video from the link below (remembering to click on the CC logo) and then answers the questions below in full sentences.

Submitting your work: You can either write out on paper (don’t forget the date and I can statement or you can type up on the notepad feature on seesaw – My preferred option.


Today in your GPS session we are going to have a recap on fronted adverbials. Some of you might remember these from when we looked at it in school. Don’t worry that we have covered this in school previously, I want you to have a recap today so that you can use this skill in your NCR.

Submitting your work: If you would like to share the work that you have completed in this task you can do using seesaw, take a picture of any writing or type up your work using the notepad. Please ensure your work has the date and subject area written clearly at the top e.g. Tuesday 19th January – Fronted Adverbials.


Once again for maths we are going to split into our separate year groups for maths:

Year 4: Written Methods (multiplication)

Step 1: Watch the video below (pause the video to solve the questions/complete any tasks):

Step 2: Complete the work sheet that is on seesaw.

Year 5: Multiply three digits by two digits

Step 1: Watch the video below (pause the video to solve the questions/complete any tasks):

Step 2: Complete the work sheet that is on seesaw.


Today in our art session we are going to be continuing our work on sculpture by investigating the great Anthony Gormley. Some of you may be wondering as to why we are studying Anthony Gormley when he is not an Anglo-Saxon. As part of the art national curriculum we need to learn about famous artists and due to us completing a sculpture unit I felt it would be important to learn about a famous sculpturer from our time and apply his skills and techniques to our work.

Step 1: Mini-review. If you were able to create a sculpture last week I would like you to carry out a review:

I can review my work

  1. Tell me what you like about your pottery. Think carefully about what went well and the likeness to Anglo-Saxon pottery/jewellery.
  2. Tell me what you would do to improve your work.

Remember to explain why!

Step 2:

Watch/listen to the presentation below on Anthony Gormley.

Step 3:

Create an artist research sheet (like the one we did for Marina Debris in school). See the example below on what you could include in your research:

Remember to:

  1. Include the short date and I can statement.
  2. Tell me about Anthony Gormley – Who is he, what is he famous for, does he have any children?
  3. What type of art work is he famous for? Could you explain what this is like I did above for abstract art?
  4. Could you provide examples of his work? – No printer, no problem, draw his work or give a description.
  5. Could you analyse his work? What do you like, what do you dislike? How has he created his work?


Where to research:

a) Lots of information can be found on the video that I created.

b) The following websites may be useful:

Antony Gormley: Facts and Information

Submitting: You could complete the task on a large sheet of paper or you could complete using a suitable piece of software or an app. Please take a photo and upload to seesaw.


In our music session we are going to continue with our work on duration. Today we will be exploring on and off beats:

If you want to share your work with me, you can do using seesaw.

Home-Learning – Tuesday 19th January

2 thoughts on “Home-Learning – Tuesday 19th January

  • Good morning Mr M. I’ve just had a look at what work Lily has to do today and it looks as though it’s the same maths on seesaw as on Friday. Is that right?

    1. Good Morning! I’ve just double checked and the year 5 work may look similar to Friday as on Friday the children multiplied 2 digits by 2 digits where as today they will be multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits. I’ve just re-posted the activity on seesaw just incase there is any problems with the worksheet on there.

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