Good Morning Class 4! I hope you are all well this morning. I am very much looking forward to today’s activities and can’t wait to see your responses. Please note, we have a busy day today, try not to feel overwhelmed by it all, get done what you can today, anything that you don’t get done can be completed during finishing off Friday.

Today we will be:

Summary of Today’s Tasks

  1. Guided Reading.
  2. GPS
  3. English
  4. Mini-Maths
  5. Well-being
  6. French
  7. Science

Guided Reading

Today we are going to take a different route with guided reading. We have spent some time looking at fiction (Boy at the Back of the Class), but I feel that it would be important to look at Non-Fiction too.

As with previous days please listen to the video below first and then you can answer the question sheet on seesaw. I have also included an image of the text for you to follow as I read.


Today in your GPS session we are going to revise our knowledge of word classes. Please watch the video below, completing any activities as you go along.

Submitting your work: If you would like to share the work that you have completed in this task you can do using seesaw, take a picture of any writing or type up your work using the notepad. Please ensure your work has the date and subject area written clearly at the top e.g. Tuesday 19th January – Fronted Adverbials.


Today in your English session you are going to continue with your Non-Chronological report on the Anglo-Saxons. I have created a brief support video covering what I expect from you. Please note I have only briefly discussed how you could construct your next section. I would like you to go into much more detail and use a range of devices to engage with the reader. When considering what information to use in your report you can draw this from any of the Anglo-Saxon inspired work that we have covered over the past couple of weeks.


Well-Being Wednesday

It is well known that physical activity has a positive impact upon our well-being. Even a short 10 minute brisk walk can have a positive impact on our well-being. Therefore it you are at home your task is as follows:

Go on a 10 minute brisk walk with your adult at home, jot down what you have seen (wildlife etc) and you could even take some photos to share on seesaw/the class blog.

If the weather isn’t suitable for a walk out and about you could have a go at this Joe Wicks work out:


Mrs Platten has kindly shared a French lesson with me that you can have a go at to develop your knowledge of animals in French. Please see details below:

Can you remember the names of any animals in French? This week we are going to look at pet animals. Take a look at these images. Which names are similar or the same as in English? These will be the easiest ones to learn. Which looks the most different? Challenge yourself to learn that one. Remember un or une means ‘a’. un is masculine and une is feminine.  (piccollage of animals)

Now you can start to use some of the animal vocabulary in a sentence. Look at this image. (piccollage)

What do you think the children are saying to each other?

Task 1:

The girl is asking if the boy has any pets and the boy replies that he has a dog. Your task is to create some similar conversations. You can use any of the animals from the photos above. You could even create supporting pictures/illustrations to help the reader.

Task 2:

I have uploaded a cross-word onto seesaw for you to have a go at.


Mrs Plant has planned your science lesson for today: please see details below:

Last week you had a reminder about ‘What is light?’ and I asked you to tell me what you knew about light already and what you would like to find out more.

One of the questions asked was

‘What surfaces reflect light?’

and that is what we are going to look at this week.

To start I would like you to watch the video from Oak academy to find out more.

Now you know more about reflective surfaces I wonder if you could help Wee Willie Winkie to solve his problem.

Watch the short video clip and explain why he had an accident that night.

Can you design an outfit that will help him when he is checking everyone is safely tucked up in bed?

You need to make sure he is safe in both lit and unlit streets.

Home-Learning – Wednesday 20th January

One thought on “Home-Learning – Wednesday 20th January

  • Hello Class 4!

    Some of you may have noticed a few spelling errors/typos in my English example today! I’m really sorry about this, when I was filming the video, I got a little confused with my thought process as to where I was going with the video and what I wanted to type. But then this is why after completing our work we should always go back and check it.

    Take care

    Mr M

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