Due to ongoing technical difficulties, we have opted to share Mrs Altoft’s activity for science today: please see details below:

Fingers crossed we will have rectified the technical difficulties by tomorrow morning.

Science – Today, to continue our work on light, we are going to investigate the question ‘How are shadows formed?’ Firstly have a watch of the short video below…

Next, I would like you to try out one of these activities below to explore how shadows are formed for yourself…

  1. Can you make a shadow torch?

2. Can you make a shadow puppet theatre? We made one at home a few weeks ago. Perhaps you could use yours to retell the story of Beowulf?

3. Can you use a torch and some objects to carry out a mini investigation to answer the lion’s question?

As you explore the shadows you create, discuss what happens to the shadow when it is close to the light source and when it is further away. Can you upload a video to seesaw to tell me/show me what you find out?


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