We have news – WE DID IT!!! 100% reading 3 times or more!!!! Well done class 4 – now you need to keep it up and rise to the extra challenge of telling me about the part of the book you read each day or about how much you are enjoying the book and why. Also make sure you get that adult signature once a week. Remember, extra Dojo points are on offer for those who rise to the challenge!

Homework – English

This week we have finished our Tadeo Jones stories – I have been very impressed with them! For homework I have a treat for you – you get to watch the rest of the film!! Watch it once and enjoy it, then watch it again and write down detailed sentences to explain the clues we were given that it wasn’t a real Egyptian tomb, set in Egyptian times. Finally, did you expect this ending?

Can you include some fronted adverbials in your sentences? Can you use expanded noun phrases to write about the clues you notice?

I wonder what our new English unit will be next week?

Another great week

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