Welcome Class 4

After a few hiccups along the way, we have finally got the Blog up and running. So I thought I’d start by sharing all the exciting things that have been happening this afternoon. We have been…

learning how to sew using running stitch,

creating poppy artwork inspired by different artists,

investigating how to send a coded message using circuits and Morse Code,

getting our ‘Dig for Victory’ area ready for planting,

and finally researching aircraft to make our own WWII planes. What a busy afternoon!!

HOMEWORK – This week’s homework has been sent in paper version.

Summer Learning Packs

Summer learning packs have been set to support children in continuing to read and practise key maths and writing skills over the holidays. There are also ideas linked to our themes for next term and outdoor exploration. 

The activities are not compulsory as we know that there are many ‘fun’ ways to incorporate reading, writing and maths into the holiday period -from calculating scores in games to following instructions in recipes!!

So please just enjoy your holidays and use the ideas when needed. 

In light of today’s school closure, you may wish to use some of the activities for home learning.

Zero Waste Day

Last Friday, Class took part in a Zero Waste day and it was superb!

We started the day by watching a video to find out where all of our waste ends up:


Upon completion of watching the video, we worked in groups to create a movie to highlight the importance of reducing waste and recycling as much of our waste as possible. To begin with the children worked together to produce a trailer for their movies using iMovie, to complete this task they used various different websites to conduct research , followed by using the iPads to record and edit their film clips. Utilizing the features of iMovie the children edited further, added music and suitable graphics. I think we have some future film directors in the class and one or two actors!

The next step entailed the children creating their actual movie using their research and iPads.

Unfortunately, due to uploading capacity on the blog I am unable to share the trailers or videos with you, but I can assure you that they are amazing. The children worked incredibly hard on this tasks and should be immensely proud of themselves.

Half-term Round Up

Congratulations Class 4 on reaching the end of the half-term, you have worked incredibly hard and have learnt about many things. We have had many highs, it has been great learning about mountains (my favourite part was your art work! As well as our map guide books). After the half-term break we are going to be focusing our learning on Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Therefore I have a challenge for you over the half-term break:

Homework: Your task over half term is to create your own volcano and make it erupt. You can create it however you like: one idea might be a 2L bottle which you can paper mache. The pictures below may help you with your design. To make it erupt there are two ways I know: one involves adding vinegar to food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. The other involves adding Mentos sweets to Coca-Cola. I look forward to seeing your designs. Please add these along with videos of you blowing it up to seesaw.

How to Make a Papier Mache Erupting Volcano for the Science Fair - Red Ted  Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun

Wednesday in year 3! - Bowker Vale Primary School

Quick and Clarke Hornsea: Window Display!

I am very excited to announce that Quick and Clarke Hornsea are supporting our World Bee Day Project. Quick and Clarke have not only presented us with a very generous donation they have also decided to support and promote our project by designing a new window display! Personally, I think it looks amazing! In addition to their very kind donation and promotion of our project they will be giving out free packets of seeds to visitors to the branch (2 Market Place, Hornsea) to help support bee habitats.

I am really hoping that as many of the Brandesburton community as possible are able to visit the branch to see this fabulous piece of artwork! You could even take a selfie and bring it into to school for me to share on the blog!

Take care

Mr Mallison

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Homework 7.5.2021

Hello Class 4,

A massive thank you to all of the children who handed in their homework from last week on time. I really enjoyed reading your letters to Little Red Riding Hood. Hopefully, my explanation of the maths homework in school today helped with your understanding, I certainly found it easier to explain in person rather than on Seesaw.

Your homework for this week can be found once again on Seesaw:

Reading: We have spent a lot of time in school recently developing our inference skills and I would like you to continue this work at home with the task on Seesaw, which hopefully you will enjoy. Note to parents and guardians – the art to the children responding is for them to make plausible answers based upon what they can see in the picture and from the information in the text.

Maths: I have set separate yer group maths homework on Seesaw.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to speak to me in school.

Please ensure you submit your homework by 13.5.21