GPS Challenge

  1. Select the correct word to complete the following sentence:

when, or, because, if

         Tomorrow, we could go for a walk ___________ play games indoors.


2.  What type of word is underlined in the sentence below?

            Poppy held the baby rabbit gently in her arms.


3. Identify all of the words in the sentences below that should start with a capital letter.

        henry  tudor  married  his  first  wife,  catherine,  in  june

         1509.  they  married  in  london

         Explain why they need capital letters. 

Year 4 Maths Challenge


1  (a) Two of the fractions listed below are equivalent, identify them.

(b) Explain how you solved the problem.

2/3    6/10    9/12    10/15    16/20


2 (a) Calculate 3/4 of £15

(b) Explain how you solved the problem.

3) (a) Geoff says that 3/5 of £45  is £20. Is he correct?

Maths Reasoning

Good Morning!

Children, I have been pondering the following question;

How do I place the following numbers in descending order? 

1.9   0.96  1.253 0.328


Step 1: Place the numbers in descending order.

Step 2: Explain how I would do this.

Remember to use mathematical language e.g. tenths, hundredths, thousandths. 

Special Guest Visitor


Good Afternoon!

We have been lucky enough this week to have a mountaineer join us in Class 4 to give a special talk to the children about mountains and exploration. A big thank you must be given to Mr Montgomery. On Thursday morning, Mr Montgomery joined us in Class to give a talk on the National 3 Peaks challenge (providing images of his successful completion of the challenge); in addition to his epic journey up Mount Kilimanjaro and dance contest with the Chief of the Maasai tribe and his inspirational climb to base camp on Mount Everest. Furthermore, Mr Montgomery discussed in detail the equipment that a mountaineer would need to take on an expedition; the children very much enjoyed looking at all of the equipment and the whistles! The information provided will feed into our literacy work next week!

Over the weekend I challenge the children to find the average height of the mountains on the National 3 Peaks Challenge.

Have an amazing weekend!

Maps! Mountains! Maps!


Good Evening!

This week in Class 4 we have spent our afternoons researching mountains. The above images show the children investigation human and physical characteristics in the Highlands and Snowdonia . Additionally, the children have used OS maps to inspire a piece of art work. Furthermore, we have used mountains as an inspiration for our literacy work; over the next 2 weeks we will be creating a biography on the legendary mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary.

We hope you all have  a lovely weekend!

Mighty Mountains

 Good Morning!

I am rather shocked that we have already completed our second week back at school following the Christmas break! The children as always have been working extremely hard and have completed some amazing work this week.

In class 4 we have continued our work on Mighty Mountains, in theme we have looked closely at mountain ranges on the continent; in addition to a brief observation of Scottish mountains and the vocabulary used to describe them and next week we will be exploring mountain ranges closer to home.

During our English session we have used mountains as an inspiration for writing narratives.

Over the weekend I challenge the children of class 4 to find the nearest mountain to Brandesburton, the first child to do so will receive a sticker.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr Mallison

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome back to school life!

We have been very excited in class 4 over the past week as we have been able to use our brand-new interactive whiteboard. It has been used to support and enhance teaching across the curriculum, the children have particularly enjoyed using it during maths sessions!

I’d like to say a big thank-you to all of the children who have submitted entries to the art competition (judging is going to be a very difficult task!). Judging is going to take place tomorrow evening (Tuesday) winners will be announced next week (after the trophy has been engraved).