Maths Challenge: Year 4

These are some prices in a fish and chip shop.

Fish £2.30

Peas 35p

Sausage £1.80

Curry sauce 40p

Chips (small bag) 60p

Bread roll 30p

Chips (large bag) 90p

Pickled onion 28p

Alfie buys one fish, a large bag of chips and a pickled onion.

How much does he pay?

Megan buys a sausage and a bread roll.

Chen buys a small bag of chips and a curry sauce.

How much more does Megan pay than Chen?

Maths Challenge: Y4

Here are four number cards.

Layla uses each card once to make a four-digit number.

She places:

•   4 in the tens column

•   2 so that it has a higher value than any of the other digits

•   the remaining two digits so that 7 has the higher value.

Write a digit in each box to show Layla’s number.