Maths Challenge


  1. Round these numbers to the nearest 100 to check:
    7683 – 5847 = 2336
  2. Prime numbers have only 1 and itself as factors.

Recall prime numbers up to 19
Prime numbers: 2,  A  , 5  , 7, B , 13, C , 19.

What are the values of A, B and C?

3. One Y5 class has 14 boys and 15 girls. On Tuesday, 25
children are in class. How many children are absent?


GPS Challenge

  1. Select the correct word to complete the following sentence:

when, or, because, if

         Tomorrow, we could go for a walk ___________ play games indoors.


2.  What type of word is underlined in the sentence below?

            Poppy held the baby rabbit gently in her arms.


3. Identify all of the words in the sentences below that should start with a capital letter.

        henry  tudor  married  his  first  wife,  catherine,  in  june

         1509.  they  married  in  london

         Explain why they need capital letters. 

Year 4 Maths Challenge


1  (a) Two of the fractions listed below are equivalent, identify them.

(b) Explain how you solved the problem.

2/3    6/10    9/12    10/15    16/20


2 (a) Calculate 3/4 of £15

(b) Explain how you solved the problem.

3) (a) Geoff says that 3/5 of £45  is £20. Is he correct?