Good Morning Class 4; I hope I find you all well this morning? Today our core learning will revolve around maths, theme and PE. I am really looking forward to seeing your maths work as it has been of a really high-standard over the past few days, keep up the hard-work class 4.

Summary of Today’s Activities:

  1. Guided Reading
  2. GPS
  3. Maths
  4. Theme
  5. PE

Guided Reading

Some of the responses that I am receiving in relation to our work on The Boy at the Back of the Class are phenomenal, keep framing your answers using the questions and justifying your thoughts and feelings. You are doing a great job class 4, well done.

As always please watch the video below and then answer the questions don’t forget to include the date and I can statement.


It feels like a lifetime since we have completed GPS even though we have only missed one day out. For today’s activity I would like you revise your understanding of compound and complex sentences:

Remember if you wish to share any of your thoughts or feelings with me you can do so via seesaw, remember to include the date and a suitable title.


Once again for maths we are going to split into our separate year groups:

Year 4: Divide 2 digits by 1 digit.

Step 1: Watch the video below (pause the video to solve the questions/complete any tasks):

Step 2: Complete the activity on Seesaw.

Year 5: Revising dividing 2 digits by 1 digit part 2

Step 1: Watch the video below (pause the video to solve the questions/complete any tasks):

Step 2: Complete the activity on Seesaw.


Well Children, I have been so impressed with the designs for your Anglo-Saxon villages and today is the day that we are going to build them. As stated in my advanced warning message last Friday you do not need to rush out and buy any fancy equipment; be creative think items that you pop in your blue bin, cereal boxes, cardboard, plastics, etc.

Task: Build a model of an Anglo-Saxon village. Do not worry if you struggle to get your model completed today, take your time and I will be happy to receive images over the next week.

Submission: Please take a photo of your finished model and post it onto Seesaw.


My apologies for last weeks video, I understand part of the video had been cut off! I have watched the entire video this week and can assure you that it is all there. I hope you enjoy learning these moves to this 80s classic! I know I enjoyed learning the dance back on Monday when I started to put the days learning togetherI think Marius is dying to take the lead!

Home-Learning: Thursday 28th January

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