Good Morning Class 4!

I hope I find you all well this morning and suitable defrosted following the wintery weather that we have had over the past few days.

Summary of Today’s Tasks

  1. Maths: recap of our division skills.
  2. English
  3. Theme


For your maths today, we are going to have a recap on formal written division. I have created a short video for you to watch first.

After you have watched the video I would like you to use a suitable method to solve the questions and activities that I have posted onto seesaw. Please note: You do not need to solve both of the word problem packs, simply select which provides the most suitable challenge. Also use the method of division from the video that works best for you.


You may have remembered during my amazing performance in the English video yesterday (even though I used the unedited presentation) that I said that Kennings poetry is as much about the performance as the content. Therefore today, I would like you to create a video of you performing your poem.

The English task is shorter today as I expect it will take you longer to complete the maths activity and theme activity.


Image result for anglo saxon clothing

Today in your theme lesson I want you to be very creative!

We are going to be designing an Anglo-Saxon outfit. Your outfit could be for:

  • Yourself.
  • A model (action figure or doll).
  • A uniform for an entire Anglo-Saxon army.

Step 1: To begin with you need to spend some time researching different types of Anglo-Saxon clothing, although the two people here look very dapper, there are many different choices and styles. You may have some books at home on Anglo-Saxons, if not you could use the internet to carryout your research.

Step 2: Design your outfit. Note: I have placed a very basic template onto seesaw that you could use, but you don’t have to if you don’t feel that you would need it.

Step 3: Label the materials that your outfit is made out of.

Step 4: Justify why you have made your design choices.

Extension Challenge: Grab some fabric and an adult helper and see if you can make your Anglo-Saxon outfit!

Home-Learning: Wednesday 10th February

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