Today in art, we have been learning about perspective by exploring the work of Japanese artist Hokusai and his 36 views of Mount Fuji.  In addition to this, we used our map reading skills to locate Asia, Japan and finally Mount Fuji.

For your homework I would like you to spend some time researching Mount Fuji, I am going to be quite open about the content, but things that you might want to find out are (although I would like to find out lots of different information):

  • How high is mount Fuji?
  • Where is mount Fuji?
  • What type of mountain is it?
  • When did it last erupt?

Presenting your research:

You could:

  • Create a fact file.
  • Create a vlog.
  • Create a poster.

These are just suggestions I am very open to how you present your work; the choice is yours.

Please submit your homework to Seesaw by Thursday 22nd April.

Here are some websites that you could use:

There are many other websites that you could use, don’t just focus on these.

Homework W.C 16th April

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