What’s Underneath?

Next half term we will be exploring the world beneath us, looking in greater detail at soils and fossils. Over the holidays I would like you to come up with ideas that you think we could explore in class. Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Could we make our own archeological dig?

What careers need knowledge of different soils? Do you know anyone who could talk to our class about their jobs?

Do worms have a favourite type of soil?


Please continue to learn your times tables on TT Rock Stars or have a go at the activities on Purple Mash.

I was really impressed with how your Time questions had improved on your Math’s Starters this week, so keep practising.


Over the holidays, I am sure you can find lots of interesting things to read and write about (magazine articles, days out, film reviews, local news, …). However if you want some games to help you practise your spelling and grammar, then click on the link below.


Homework 18.2.22

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