Class 4 ended last week on a high…..We were the first class in school to get 100% attendance all week, meaning we could have an afternoon of our choice! 33 children, all in school, all week! I challenge you to do it again guys!!!!

This week, the children have again worked so hard…they have also impressed me with their team work and kindness towards each other. I received a lovely comment from another member of staff who taught them one afternoon ‘Your class have been great! I would have them anytime!’ – thanks Class 4 – you made me feel very proud!

Thanks for all the great Geography homework completed this week, the children have clearly really enjoyed all the theme work we have completed linked to the rainforests and South America. They had great fun during our end of topic challenge…playing ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’!


Next week, we will be busy writing diary entries in the role of a young boy in the rainforest using the short film below. For homework, I would like you to talk the film through with a parent, adding a first person narrative to the film. This will help us with the diary entry.

Can you note down some sentences that are going to be useful in the diary? What past tense verbs will you use? Can you think of a rhetorical question he may include? How would he be feeling? What sentence could you use in the future tense at the end of your diary?

Another busy week!

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