Good Morning Class 4!

I hope you are all well today?

I must start the day by saying how impressed I am with all of the work that I have been sent in this week! Below are some examples that I have received. Please note: I have further examples of fantastic work that I want to share with you but I have saved these on my computer at school (I will upload these on Friday at some point when I am next in school).

Summary of Today’s Tasks

  1. Spelling Test.
  2. Issue new spellings.
  3. Maths.
  4. RE.
  5. Finish of Friday.
  6. Treat.

Spelling Test

Please watch the relevant video below (to keep the video as short as possible I have decided against reading out the answers, please could you ask an adult at home to check your work). The year 5 test starts at 3:18 on the video.

Spelling lists for this week:

I have launched a 2DO on Purple Mash to support your practice.

Year 4:











Year 5:












Following on from the success and popularity of the 5 on the clock tasks from Wednesday, I have found two more investigations for you to have a go at (you do not have to complete both investigations, note for parents: the half-time activity is a little easier in the prison cell task seems a little too tricky). But first I would like you to try and solve the countdown task below:


Kindly, Mrs Atkinson has sourced an RE session for you to complete. Due to the blog not allowing us to upload Microsoft PowerPoint presentations I have recorded a voice-over of me delivering the presentation. Mrs Atkinson has advised me that you do not need to print out the resource sheet below, just write out the information onto a timeline, choosing your own level of difficulty 1 star = Easier, 3 stars = Tricky.

Whilst watching the video I will prompt you to access a video on the News Round website, here is the link:

Finishing off Friday.

Throughout the course of the week I have had some adults at home express that their child has not had the opportunity to finish a task off or would like a little extra time. Finishing off Friday is perfect for this. It is the part of the week that you can use to get on top of any tasks that you haven’t finished or time to get started.

Home-Learning – Friday 22nd January

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