Good Morning Class 4, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you are suitably refreshed and ready for your next installment of home-learning.

Here is your itinerary for today:

Summary of Today’s Tasks

  1. Guided Reading.
  2. GPS
  3. English/Computing
  4. Mini-maths
  5. Theme

Guided Reading

Today’s guided reading sees a return to our non-fiction text. Please watch my video below. If you need additional reading support, I have included a copy of the document below. After you have watched the video and read through the supporting document, please answer the questions directly onto the question sheet if possible using seesaw.


For our GPS this week we will be continuing to develop our knowledge of punctuation. You will need to watch the video below from the National Academy and complete any activities detailed.

Submitting your work: If you would like to share the work that you have completed in this task you can do using seesaw, take a picture of any writing or type up your work using the notepad. Please ensure your work has the date and subject area written clearly at the top e.g. Tuesday 19th January – Fronted Adverbials

English /Computing

In our English lesson today we are going to finishing off our non-chronological report. The video today is going to be rather short, just a recap of what we have completed so far followed by expectations of what I would like to see in your finished article.

After you have finished your report I would like you to ensure that you have typed it up into a suitable word processing document and I would like you to add suitable pictures.


I really enjoyed working with the children in school on Friday to solve the Prison Cell investigation it was lots of fun. Once again for your mini-maths task I would like you to conduct an investigation. In a similar vein to Friday I have included two investigations. Note for adults at home: The one star challenge is easier, if your child struggles with the two star activity.


Today in our theme session we are going to be learning all about where and how the Anglo-Saxons lived. Please watch the video it will explain today’s activity and then give you an insight into what you will be doing in your next lesson. After filming my video I have noticed that the video clip from the Anglo-Saxon village is very quiet. Therefore when you get to this point on the video press pause and follow the link below:

Home-Learning – Monday 25th January

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