Good Morning Class 4!

I hope I find you well this morning! Oh my! Have I been impressed with the work sent to me yesterday, your dens and outfits are amazing, here is a selection of the fantastic work that has been sent to me this week (please note I will post additional photos from yesterday later today):

Once again, we must say a big thank you to Mrs Altoft for the resources for today’s sessions:

Firstly, like yesterday we have the chance to join in with the Jorvik Centre’s live sessions. If you missed yesterdays, here is the link to today’s at 10am and 2pm. (I think the content will be very similar to yesterday)

Today’s Tasks

  1. School Trip
  2. Jorvikanory
  3. Viking Games
  4. Art

Right, onto today’s challenges…

Activity 1 – We are going on a….

Well, a virtual one! Click on the link below for a trip around the Jorvik Viking Centre!
Wow! I hope you enjoyed that. Next, I would like you to make a poster or information sheet to explain some of the things you found out and saw. Please add drawings and facts to make it look really effective.
Activity 2 – Jorvikanory – As part of their Jorvik thing, the Viking Centre has arranged for some authors to talk about and read some of their books set in Viking times. Have a click of the link below and choose one to have a listen to, you never know, you might enjoy it so much that you want to get the book yourself.
Activity 3 – Viking Games
The Vikings liked to play different types of board games. Have a watch of this video to find out about a game called Hnefatafl.
It sounds a little bit confusing to me!
Another game they used to play was called Nine Mens Morris. Have a go for yourself…(this is a bit simplier – I managed to get the hang of it but didn’t win!)
Activity 4 – So, now we are officially Vikings and after half term, we will continue to explore more about Viking way of life. For your last challenge today, I would like you to draw a Viking…
I can’t wait to see your finished pieces of artwork!
Have a lovely half term. Stay safe and I will see you online on Monday 22nd February.
Mr Mallison

Home-Learning: Friday 12th February

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