Good Morning Children,

I hope I find you all well today? I must say that I am very impressed with the start that you have made to new half-term, well done! Edit: I’ve just watched the Prime-Ministerial address and I am so pleased that we are all going to be back in school on Monday 8th March! Time to celebrate!!!!

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It’s great to know that we know only have 9 more days of online learning until we can all get back into school. Therefore, lets keep going and push on and keep up with all your amazing effort and we will all be back together again soon.

Summary of Today’s Activities

  1. Spelling
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. DT
  5. Music


Some of you may be a little confused as to why we are exploring spelling for a second day in a row. However, I wanted to block sometime off that would allow us to formally practice our spellings as part of our school day. Rather than using the Look, Cover, Check method I would like you to have a go at one or two of these ideas which may make your practicing more fun:


I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s English as much as I did! Personally, I believe that this English unit is going to be epic!

I am going to split today’s learning objective; I can describe a setting using prepositional phrases over two days (if we were in school, we would probably have done this in one lesson, however I feel due to you needing to watch two videos that it would be wise to spread the lesson over two days).

As explained in the first video, there are two parts to today’s English lesson. Please start by listening to video 1 below:

Task 1: Now that you have watched the video, I would like you to jot done some notes on how many dragons there were and where they could be found. You do not need to send this information to me, it is just to help your thinking in later tasks.

Task 2: Watch the second video below and then complete the tasks outlined beneath.

  1. Create your own dragon.
  2. Select range of locations that your dragon could find itself in and use prepositional phases to explain where it is.


Hopefully you enjoyed your maths activities yesterday from the national academy and that it has helped to refresh your knowledge of shape.

Year 4:

Today year 4 will build upon comparing and ordering angles by exploring right angles, once again using the resources from the national academy to support our learning:

I have placed a copy of the worksheets onto seesaw too.

Year 5

In a similar vein to the year 4 children, we are going to utilizing the resources from the national academy to support our learning, today we are going to be focusing on part 2 of identifying, describing and classifying shapes:

I have placed a copy of the worksheets onto seesaw too.


Much like our English unit, I am very excited about our DT unit for this half-term we are going to be exploring Viking Clothing, please see the video below:

Here is a range of websites that you could access to complete the activity:


To finish off our day we are going to continue our work on Duration in music, focusing on Ostinatos today, please follow the link below for more details:

Home-Learning: Tuesday 23rd February

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