Good Morning Children!

I hope I find you all well this morning! Only 6 more days to go of home-learning, woop! woop!

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Summary of Today’s Activities

  1. Spelling
  2. GPS
  3. Maths
  4. Friday Finish


I really hope that the new spelling methods that I have shared thus far have been helpful. I’m going to share another two examples with you to have a go at today and over the weekend in preparation for your spelling test on Monday morning:


Over the previous half-term and prior to Christmas we covered a vast range of GPS areas, therefore today I would like you to have a go at the quiz sheets below to test your knowledge (don’t worry about printing the sheet, simply write your answers out on paper):

Year 4:

Year 5


Year 4

Today year 4 we will be identify angles within shapes, which will form part of a recap session on angles:

As always I have included copies of the worksheets on Seesaw.

Year 5

Today, year 5 we will explore the properties of different quadrilaterals:

As always I have included copies of the worksheets on Seesaw.

Finish off Friday

We’ve reached that point in the week children where we can shout Yippee! It’s nearly the weekend.

But before you put your feet up, can you take a look back through the blog and complete any tasks that are still outstanding.

Home-Learning: Friday 26th February

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