Good Morning Children!

I hope I find you all well this morning! Only 7 more days to go of home-learning, woop! woop!

Summary of Today’s Activities

  1. Guided Reading
  2. English
  3. Maths
  4. Theme
  5. PE

Guided Reading

To blend in with our theme work and to allow the opportunity for cross-curricular learning I would like us to complete a Viking themed guided reading session today.

Task 1

Read the information leaflet below on Viking Longships.

Task 2

On Seesaw I have uploaded three different comprehension booklets. You do not need to complete all three booklets, simply choose a suitable starting point that gives the correct level of challenge (remembering that 1 star is the easiest and 3 stars are the hardest).


Today, we are going to spend our English lesson reinforcing our knowledge of expanded noun-phrases, I received some excellent work yesterday, however we are still forgetting to include adjectives to add detail to our description. I have split the lesson into two parts due to the number of activities that I would like you to complete.

Task 1

Watch the video below. It will outline the activities and give you some tips. I have also posted copies of the resources onto Seesaw.

Final task, as explained in the video I was running out of battery time on my recording, so here are the details for the final task; I would like you to underline all of the expanded noun-phrases. on the sheet labelled as activity 3 (I have included a copy of the support sheet that I used in the video with the activity 3 sheet to support your understanding).


I am so impressed with the work that I have received over the past week in relation to shape, class 4 I salute you, you are doing so well, keep up all the hard work!

Year 4

Today year 4 we will be investigating angles within shapes:

As always I have included copies of the worksheets on Seesaw.

Year 5

Today year 5 we will be classifying triangles:

As always I have included copies of the worksheets on Seesaw.


I am very excited to be continuing with our theme work this afternoon. We are going to learning about where the Vikings came from. The video below will give you an introduction to where they came from and then I have posted a range of activities onto seesaw for you. I must apologise as this was not my intended video/activity, I have had a few IT issues today, but hopefully I will be able to rectify them and we will be exploring a few more exciting sessions.

Activities Note:

There are two activities for you to complete on Seesaw.

Once again I would like you to choose your own starting point (think carefully about your level of challenge).

On the timeline activity I do not expect you to print anything out (even though on the sheet it tells you to cut the items out), I would simply like you to transfer the information onto a sheet of paper to create your time line, in a similar manner to when you created your Anglo-Saxon timelines.


We need to say a big thank you to Mr Barnes who has provided today’s PE session for us:

Home-Learning: Thursday 25th February

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